What We Do

“Show them, don’t tell them” as the old saying goes, and Defero InterActive does exactly that. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video, either via traditional broadcast channels, or via the unlimited terrain of the online world, provides organizations with an exponentially more powerful medium to communicate with your target audiences.

And now with MobiStream you have more screens to tell your story!

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Defero InterActive’s MobiStream service allows organizations to go beyond the desktop or laptop and reach mobile viewers on their iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets with live video streaming content to any device, anywhere, anytime. With over 1.2 billion current mobile Web users worldwide, and over 91 million mobile Web users in the U.S., alone, MobiStream connects your consumers, employees, customers with your live streaming video content on unlimited mobile devices. Online video viewers are no longer tied to their desks or their laptops-they are on the move! Make sure your live video content is moving with them with MobiStream!!!


Defero InterActive utilizes a wide variety of online, broadcast media, and video production convergence media services to help our client’s develop successful corporate communications’ and media relations programs, including:

  • Live and On-Demand Webcasts
  • Interactive Press Events
  • Live Event with Social Media Integration
  • Global Mobile Production Services
  • Online Employee & Town Hall Meetings
  • Interactive Video Portals
  • Complete video production and post-production services
  • Online Video Content Hosting via a Tier One CDN